Factors that would influnce a childs physical development?

Question:like poor diet etc

mmm..there are lots of contributers for this...

Lack of fresh air
Lack of oppurtunities to play both inside / outside
Lack of interaction n encouragement
Lack of stimulation
any inpairments / special needs
Lack of self - esteen n confidence
food, good food, getting the right balance, carbs, proteins, fats, vitamins, etc, exercise, fgetting enough exercise, hygiene, keeping the child clean, sports?
Poor diet, lack of stimulation, special need either physical or mental, general medical condition, poor parenting.
-prenatal care
-trauma at birth (ex. lack of oxygen)
-natural maturation (the child's individual pace of growth)
-lack of infant "floor time" (ex. tummy time)
-lack of opportunities to exercise, lack of physical play
now adays children are notplaying outdoor games .tgey play only indoor games mostly video games.they should to play video games.they shold not eat fast food but they should take veg foods .they should do excercise daily and should take healthy diet.

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