Does anyone have any good ideas for foods around the world activities with preschool children?

Do you have children who are from other countries or maybe their parents or grandparents are? One of my favorite things to do is have a parent or grandparent come in to cook or share about their country.

I'd send home letters to parents, asking if anyone specializes in cooking from another country. Invite them to come in and cook with the kids or share the dish they've made. Maybe they have pictures, clothing, or other things from the country to exhibit.

Don't just cook/serve the food. Read a folk tale from the country. Play music from the country. Do some folk dances. Really immerse children in each country!! You could extend this for a LONG time! LOL
you could do tamillies for Mexico and pasta for italy and fish and chips for Britian and egg rolls for china.
Hope that helps, have fun with the kids!
What a great idea! Just be careful what your school allows you to feed the kids and what allergies they have. I have had kids with peanut allergies and shellfish allergies, so just...BE CAREFUL. I would use different fruits from around the get really excited when they see fruits that are really odd looking...things they are not used to. You can pick these up from a nice market. If you want to get fancy and cook, then make sure you have bite size things so the kids can sample. Another easy idea is sweets from around the world. What kind of desserts do other kids eat in Korea? Things like that. Kids will get really excited about that too! Good luck.

P.S. Check out this awesome website:
just serve these foods for lunch! teaching a unit on this can unintentionally lead to teaching sterotypes. Like for me, beer, kraut, and brawts. what does that say about me ?? you can heave fun w/ foods. Like the Dominicans eat Platanos con Salamia, it is the countries equivelant of McDonald's Big Mac and Fries! (fried mashed plantains and fried salami)
have a parent potluck and mention the fact that it's part of a lesson. This is cool because kids can trey different foods and it builds upon the the home-school connection.

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