Thing for a 14 year old to do wheel chair bound?

Question:childen like him he could talk to

hobbies such as art, photography , certain sports , my friend is in a basketball team and doing well she'a wheelchair bound
there are virtually no limits as to what he can do just different from anyone who is fully mobile stephen hawkins is living prove
Start working on strengthening his upper body with light weights and pull ups...this will ensure him of greater mobility as he gets older...
you can pretty much do anything in a wheel chair, except walk run etc. so the same as everyone else. i know people that have been skydiving and everything. fun times.
Why not ask the 14 year old person what he would like to do? There are no limits to what a person can do from a wheelchair. If the young man has a cognitive disability there are still no limits it just means more planning and support is needed. If he is in school, talk to your child study team. Ask them to help you get your child involved in school activities. There are so many groups and organizations in school some he might like and others he may not. Check to see if your area has a BEST BUDDY Program. I have enclosed a link to the website.

If he likes sports check in your area for challenger leagues. In my area we have challenger leagues for baseball, basketball, tennis, hockey and soccer. This young man might want to be on the side lines of sports, record keeper, time keeper, water boy or score keeper. One of my students takes karate lessons. Although he can only do upper level activities, he still participates in the class. It has increased his self-esteem and socialization.

Other hobbies: book group at your local Barnes and nobles, social group run by a local disability organization. You may also want to check out your local 4 year college, they typically have some Teen Activities that happen 1 or 2 times a month.
Join the local YMCA. There are plenty of activities. Consider asking the Y to host a Wheel Chair Basketabll Ball league for children in wheelchairs, if they do not have one already. The children can not only get exercise, but they can meet other kids in a wheelchair, they gain self-confidence and meet new friends.

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