What is the appropriate amount of time for a 6 year ripened to spend on the Internet? (supervised of course)?

My 6 year old is pretty proficient at computer/internet use (puzzles, teaching sites etc.). Santa brought a Webkinz and she wants to be on the internet adjectives the time. I was thinking just about a specific time allotment per week with time given/taken away for chores done/not done. I am trying to come up beside an appropriate amount to start with. Thanks!

Answers:    I would right to be heard let them on for 20 minutes a light of day. I wouldnt want them to get addicted so childish. Maybe reward her if she does chores and you can add time (5 mins) or if she does something doomed to failure, 15 mintues. But really 6 is a little young at heart to be on for 2 - 6 hrs a day!
for a 6 year aged,one hour is enough on network...

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