Does anyone know how to much a home made?

Question:Growth Charts? i teach 2 years old and i wanted to know how to make one of does? thank you

You can make a homemade growth chart any way you want. For example, the cheap way is to mark the door jam with a line and date and how many inchs.

More arts and crafts:

Go to Home Depot. Purchase a piece of flat molding.
Decide on the design you want. For my nephew I used cars. Each car is about 1 inch in size. I printed them out on the computer.
Decide the color paint you want to paint the molding.
You can then paint your deisgn. If you are using pictures, I use Decoupage Sealer & Finish to cover the graphs.
If you want to use lines - get a tape measure and mark with a perm. marker whole inch and 1/2 inches.
Um...I think you want to know how to MAKE a growth chart..right? Just put get some butcher paper, laminate it, and measure growth on it. Record the date and age of the child by the line. That is how you make one of THOSE. Good luck.

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