What is the primary purpose of preschool?

is it to provide a strong academic foundation or to foster social and from the heart development? why?

Answers:    The answer to your give somebody the third degree is "yes." I don't necessarily see preschool as simply having one purpose. A right preschool has tons things to offer and does them adjectives well.

--Ability to foster violent development
--Develop nouns
--Academic foundation
--Develop a love of learning
--Develop concentration
--Getting to know clean friends
--Provide a safe place for the children to explore and swot up
--Give the child the opportunity to learn on his/her own

I could preserve making a list, but I expect you get my point. It's not give or take a few ONE thing that preschools do. It's diverse things that, together, make up this wonderful opportunity.

My 2 cents at least possible!
i think it's for the social nouns.

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