Should I switch daycare?

Question:My children range from age 6yr 3,2 and 1yrs and have been going to the same daycare for the past three years they have a great lacskey program which drops my daughter off at school and picks her up the teachers are cool and they have a lot of feild trips and activites. Everything was fine until last thursday one of the teachers accused me of spreading rumurs about the daycare at my job when i tried to tell her I havent said anything or been to work in over a week she brushed me off I started to cry and everytime I go to pick up my kids they all give me weird looks and being very rude.the other thing is that there is a new daycare right down the street from my house and is a hell of a lot closer but they don't have lacskey so they can't pick up my oldest from school. what should i do

You need to confront this woman in the Director's prescence. Point blank tell her that you DO NOT appreciate what she has been saying or accuseing you of. IF the woman tries to speak before you have finished with your say, ignore her and keep on talking or tell her 'I'm talking, you can just wait your turn.'.
Make it clear that your feelings have been hurt and if the situation is not rectified you will make other arrangements for your children who have been happy and well cared for until now.
This teacher will need to 'expose' her rumor source (Is she new at the center?? Has someone new started at your work??Has there been 'bad blood' between you and someone at the center or your job??)

I had a parent constantly going to my boss when I taught and telling her that I had said certain things or was bad mouthing the center. It took confronting this woman (she would always wait until I wasn't around to defend myself) in front of the entire school only to learn that she didn't like me because I wasn't 'stern or commanding' with my kids (her idea was that kids only did what you wanted when you yelled and bullied and I was always saying 'I love you' and giving hugs).
My Boss and 3 co-workers including myself started laughing like banshees...I never had a problem with her again.
yes. in the uk we have ofsted to report bad nurseries. i suggest you do the same.
Consider switching daycares down the street because there's gossip going around there and it will maybe get worst and it should't be taken out on your children not fair at all! I have my degree in pre-school teaching and i've also dealt with this problem and good luck
That is absolutely unacceptable. They are there to provide a service to you, and she is going beyond a professional relationship and getting too personal. That is inexcusable for her to accuse you of anything. I would talk to the director about your concerns. Tell them you feel uncomfortable that you were accused and you are considering taking your business elsewhere. If they handle it professionally and take care of it, you can stay, but if they get ugly and rude, that is a good reason to leave. Remember, you are the customer and they should treat you with respect. Good luck.
If the new one can't pick up your child from school , then what would you do? That lady, if she wasn't the head lady there should be fired! People can't just say whatever they want, and be rude. Even if you were talking bad, your kids were still there right? That has to say something about the care given. I would just be rude back, and put her on the spot about how it made you feel when she did that. And now, you really do have a reason to talk bad about them, but I would do it with my kids out of their care first. Go to the actual owner first though, and you might get farther than you think. Good luck.
Go talk to the director. She probably has no idea what is going on. I am a preschool teachers, and most directors bend over backwards to please the parents. At the least, this teacher should be reprimanded, and you should receive an apology.
Switch. It is not worth you going there if they are talking smack about you. Give someone else your hard earned money. Good luck
Talk to the director, that teacher is acting very unprofessionally.

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