Anybody heard of London Bridge Baptist Church in Virginia Beach?

Question:I am trying to put my 2 1/2 yr old in preschool
and am looking at this particular preschool. I
want to hear from people who have been there or
know people who have, to get an idea how it is?
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

or how to obtain info on preschools in churches. thanks

u cant put any one under the age 4 in school.
i agree with theperson ontop on me
i agree w. both of the ppl above me

just google preschool in where ever you are. im sure you can find some good stuff that way.
ya i have heard of that. i am not quite sure where it is. i think when i went to preschool i was three but i went to beach day school at the first presbyterian church. galilee church has a good preschool too. i would go visit that church and check out the preschool.

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