Is there alot of work in new york/california/san franciso for child care workers or kindergarten teachers...?

im thinking of working in the u.s as one of these but need to know
and what is child care and kindergarten called in america or is it the same as australia....?
thnx so much xx

Due to the No Child Left Behind Act, and other recent Early Childhood Legislation passed by the U.S. Federal Government, there is a plethora of jobs for child-care workers, Early Childhood teachers/paras, and Kindergarten teachers everywhere in America.

Federal and state laws in America require specific certification for the level of child-care performed. In many instances, a college degree is required. There are some jobs available to those who take special classes in child-care, and pass a state exam.

Contact the Education Department of the state you are interested in working for. They will send you information and an application. Be prepared to submit high school and college transcripts, addresses for the past five to 10 years, job and personal references, possibly a copy of your Passport; and, of course a copy of your Visa. You may be required to have a sponsor.
in san francisco and surrounding areas there are many jobs for nannies as both parents work and need the help at home
also the big hotels offer childcare for their guests on vacation. the words daycare and childcare are interchangeable here.

check an online classifieds for local families looking for nannys / aupairs

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