Teaching about Fire in my preschool?

Question:Does anyone know where I can get get a customized magnetic board with my home plan permanently etched on it at?

I'm teaching my kids how to evacuate my home safely, and I am required to have a visual display. I have a small plan of my house up with directions on how to evacuate but the kids really need a visual like a story felt book type thing. If you have a site that you know of please let me know.

BIC has a great and probably the BEST fire safety program out there. The firemen in our area all use this program for the kids. I included two links, the 'play safe, be safe' takes you to the direct site where they have activities for teachers/parents/kids. Basically, it teaches safety, evacuation, and what are tools for parents (lighters, stay away), and tools for kids (a ball) as for a evacation poster, make one of your home with escape routes highlighted. laminate and post near exits, and practice the drills once a month.
That sounds like a great idea, but might be expensive. I would just use a piece of poster board and make my own. You could laminate it with clear contact paper to make it sturdier, or take it to Staples for lamination. If you need to attach things to it, like little people to move around, use velcro dots with self adhesive sticky on the back. You can get them in the craft and sewing department at WalMart, Staples has them, and most fabric stores have them. I make stuff like this for my classroom all the time. They're fun to make and the kids enjoy playing with them.

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