What are the best learning tools to teach a young child to read?

Best tool I know of is frequent exposure to print, and an adult calling a child's attention to it. Start with the first letter of the child's name. "Oh look, Crissy, I see your C on the Cheerios box!" Point it out to her at first, then after a few times, say "I see Crissy's C on this newspaper! Can you find it too, Crissy?" Print her name on a sign for her room, on her favorite cup, on the labels on her clothes. Soon she'll be "reading" her name. Then move on to add other words that are meaningful to her, like maybe m-o-m, d-a-d, c-a-t, d-o-g, and so on. Use common signs like STOP and EXIT and WalMart to add more sight words to her reading vocabulary, and be sure to print those words sometimes too so that she recognizes the words and not just the logo or symbol. "Hey, that sign says exit. Let's write it down. E-X-I-T." Say the letters as you write them, and when she wants to, invite her to try writing it too. Then you can say "Wow, you're reading and writing! I'm so impressed!"
there's no best learning tool, d only thing tat u need is patient n perserverences. ur child must b able 2 recognise alphabets in d 1st place. if he/she is in pre-school, d child should b learning phonics from there as it's part of d programmes. once they learn how 2 blend, it'll b easier 4 them 2 recognise side words n read. good luck!
the best thing to do to help a young child to read is to read to them and let them see you or other adults reading for pleasure.once the love of reading is instilled in your child they will want to be able to read for themselves.this is not an easy task either way you choose to do it...you need to be committed to reading to your child every day and several times each day...as you read to them be sure to let them see you running your finger along the lines of what you are reading so they can learn to read from left to right(depending on where you live) and then begin to mention the letters(especially in books where there are few letters or in alphabet books)

be sure to have your childs name in prominent places around your house as reading is first a show of patterns(and not just the patterns of letters in a word or sentence) and the first pattern a child usually learns is the one that is their name(try it and see) then the child will begin to notice that other words also have a pattern(stop, bus, cat, dog, mom,etc)

then is the time to add in labels to your childs room and home (names for things as well as the room name)these can be made on index cards or pieces of paper and written in correct form(ie not all capitalized--be sure to get a copy of the correct printing forms, usually can get at walmart or target or local library)

then once this pattern is well established or as it is established you can begin with the sight words(check out this kind of list on the internet--teachers sites often have them) and begin with maybe 5-10 to start with and add to the list as the child becomes proficient at them

and by now they maybe or will be beginning to read some themselves or model reading of some favorite books

remember this is not an easy or short process and how you and other adults around your child approach it will determine how your child will do on its own and with your help

two of my own three children were reading by the age of 3yrs but i started this process when they were newborns(reading to them and making sure they saw their name in print) the third of my children was not able to hear until she was almost three and the process still was the same she just did not read until she was almost 6yrs
The things they need to learn first is the Aphabet, all the sounds, blending lettters together and then they can start to read. There are certain sight words that need to be memorized because they cannot be sounded out. Let them see you reading, read to them, show them printed words. red to them signs when you are out. Before long they will be reading on their own. It takes lots of patience and time.
the best learning tool is books read aloud to the young child
go for variety and bestsellers and favorite characters
add trips to the public library
add materials and time to draw and write about books
act out books
read favorite books aloud repeatedly..kids love hearing favorite stories over and over again...and each time enriches the experience
stories with picture

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