Poems on Celebrations?

Question:For kindergarten recitation competition. Should be easy and catchy for a child to learn in a short time.

I totally agree with shaktiman. Bali i guess would be much better. I guess he could make couple LATEST MODEL poetry for u. HEHE

But check these websites out

Bali...this ques is for u...
search in google
s y not
see it depends on your poem which one you like but I prefer you to go to www.dadazi.net and download the poem book and choose a nice poem.
jai jai jai ( fast )bharat mata ki jai
jai jai jai( fast) bharat mata ki jai
jai (slow) jai (slow ) jai bharat mata ki( PRolong) jai (repeat three times) jai hind(long shout)

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