Can anyone suggest some fun activities/games for a group of 3 y.o.'s?

Question:Hi everyone! I'm trying to get a job in a kindergarten, and my task for the next interview is to organise 6 3 y.o. kids to do something fun. But the point is that those activities/games must be based on some topic, like "fruits", "body parts", "colors" and so on... Does anyone have any ideas?

First off- A kindergarten teacher teaches 5 and 6 year old children...they do not teach 3 year old children. Why are you having to come up with games for 3 year old children...

Pick something you like... do you have hobbies or passions..if not then do something more seasonal (summer's

Find a book about the subject. There are children's books that are written about just about EVERYTHING. Write back to ANSWERS and I am sure once your subject is picked, you will get a huge list of books.

Find a song and add movement.

Plan a circle time game.

I would give you more Ideas- but I think you really need to come up with a subject first. PICK SOMETHING then I think you will get more ideas.

For example- if YOU pick- BEARS...ask answers, " I need activities and games and pictures books that are related to the subject of bears. My focus group is 6 three year olds that are in a preschool setting!"

My bet is that you will get a TON more concrete ideas!

Good luck..
damn... i was going to suggest "Bank Robbery". you tie them up, then leave.

something like the twister lawn dots game where the kids have to go on the color called is a good game for them to learn colors with...
simon says is a good one that you can use to teach them body parts by saying things like simon says touch your head.
thats all i can think that we use to do like that for the moment hope that it helps
I would suggest singing songs head shoulder knees and toes thats good the hoky poky that's good for the body parts
for color bring in Candy every kid loves candy ask what color it is to each child and as they get it right give them that piece of candy, find the dot where u make color dots and put them around the room ask them if they can find so and so color and them go to the dot that's really good for color

I hope I have helped and good luck! I work at a day care I have worked in a day care for 4 years
as most children at this age may not know the names of the colors and right from left one of the best games is matching colors, or fruits.this can be done with folder games, bingo boards, or with an easy domino game all can be made very easily and quickly(unless you would like to keep them for a while-then i would suggest that you cover them with laminate or clear contact paper--both the boards or the pieces) far as the body parts its more fun to use a movement game like "head, shoulders, knees and toes" or "simon says"

making a folder game is easy...using a plain manila folder --open it and decide what sort of game board you want to have...then place pre-cut shapes in the pattern you want and then cover with contact paper or laminate--then make several more in the same general pattern but with a different color pattern and cover them.then make the pieces or use some classroom objects like beads, blocks, etc..if you make your own pieces be sure to add a pocket or sandwich baggie to keep the pieces in.good luck
get them some harmless ballones that should keep them busy for a while.
i had to do an activity for 6 three year olds in a class at school and they loveeed rocketships.

Use a small film canister - it has to be the clear kind because of the lid

Cut paper to about the size of the canister and let them decorate their own. (or just make it look like a rocket)

When they're done decorating fill the canister 3/4 with water and then put in half an alkaseltzer tablet and stand back.

It will go a few feet in the air and its totally safe and only a little water on the floor.

When i did it the kids loved it, it totally got their attention, they learned alot, and the teacher was totally impressed and i got a really good grade.
these needs lots of your imaginaton. children love to do new things for example. for body parts activity. one side your draw the body parts ask them to write or draw the activity that they can do with that part.for fruits ask the colour of the fruit.a song about the fruit.if there is a story ask them to say . very interesting with children.
tell the children when they are ready to line up call them by colors they are wearing such as "if you are wearig the color red you may line up at the door"
no offence but shouldnt you be able to do this by yourself i mean if you become a kindergarten teacher you cant be asking for help all the time
simple one would be head shoulders knees and toes...i dont know if you have heard this song before but when i helped at a head start they did this activity.what you can do is get all the children to stand in a circle. then go over with them where their head, shoulders,knees, toes, eyes, ears,mouth, and nose are...the only problem is i dont exactly know wear you can get the song from. something you can do with fruits is maybe make a bingo game with pictures of fruit on the card.make a card have nine different fruits on it.then in order to win they have to fill up there entire card...make sure that every child has the exact same fruits on their cards only in different places ...that way all the kids win and as a prize you can give everyone a sticker or something...these are just some ideas i hope i helped a little if you dont use these ideas hopefully what i suggested will allow you to come up with something
Go on an animal safari.

Tape magazine photos all around the classroom. If you have access to toy animals, you can use those as well. Then make colorful lists of animal names/pictures with check-off boxes. Use paper towel rolls as binoculars. Have the kids go around the room on a safari and let them check off their lists.

During the activity, you can incorporate language by asking the children questions. Are the animals dangerous, can the children feed the animals, what makes the animal special (i.e. stripes, spots, trunks, long neck, etc.). You can also have the children immitate the animal sounds.

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