I need themes and names for an infant room for the daycare, any suggestions?

go with a zoo theme
different countries/cultures
earthy tones
colorful musical notes
outer space-stars, moons, planets, comets
Baby Hut--with jungle theme, straw huts, etc.
How about something with ..Havenly..and you could use stars,Animals ect. and Bibel storrys , just my thought,because you could go so many dif. ways with it.Plus I dont think that anyone would complain and that to much religion is taken out of schools these days anyways.
Nursery book characters

primary colors


Bright colors with a Bible theme maybe Noah's Ark.
I work @ a day care and the best theme is clouds or just a nice color not bright such as yellow, a light brown or purple or baby blue would be nice and since children our differ get toys from differ shows such as elmo,backyardigians,sponge bob just kid shows and they love whatching movies (like a little tv with vhs or dvd) such as finding nemo which is a great theme underwater! as for names it could go with the theme such as baby corner or the drop off (a great name if ur going with nemo) clowns or circus themes often scary the children so I hope this helps good luck and b creative!
try peas in a pod
baby animals
colors--either primary or pastel dont combine the two
these are the best i have seen or used myself
Go with themes that fit the season and months!! I worked @ a daycare for 2 1/2 yrs and thats what we did in the toddler room which is 1 step up from the infant room!!

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