Does anyone living in the rockaway new jersey area know about any free preschool programs nearby?

I have the place for u!!!!!

my cousin took a class at morris hills high school in rockaway nj where they have a free preschool class at the h.s. called bears and blocks of learning. they have about 4 mh students teach the class everyday and they plan educational activities for the kids. Its every other day from 12 to 2 pm. The program is really good cause they the kids get lots of attention and the real teacher just watches. The classroom looks just like a preschool, and its totally free so u should call the school immediately because they only take about 8 preschoolers and it starts in oct i think she said.
sorry i dont live in your area but these programs are available across the usa.
also you dont say how old your child is and these programs are ususally for ages 3-5yrs

Headstart--is avail check with your local comm agencies to see who operates them in your area for application, this program is a federally funded but normally run by a local comm agency and is avail in either half or full day classes and in some areas it is only avail during the regular school year but others offer year round classes.

block grant/state grant preschool--usually run by the local school districts or occasionally operated in recreation centers or comm centers, and some churches-- these usually operate the regular school year time frame and are usually half day only

some public/private preschools also have sliding scale programs so check with them

some areas also have comm run programs in the local recreation centers or churches that are also free

good luck
Call your local elementary school, social service agencies, and churches and ask for a list of programs in your area. Be sure to ask about Pre-K for 4 year olds. It should be free. (Are you My Sara?! If so, call me. I can tell you how to do this.)

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