Does your toddler have to be potty trained to start preschool?

Question:In Nebraska preferably.

Most places that require the child to be at least 3 years old will also require that the child be fully potty trained. If it's a daycare type of facility that allows children under age 3, then they probably don't require that the child be fully potty trained.

Tutor Time and Kindercare are both national chains that allow non-potty trained children under the age of 3 (sometimes 3.5 years).

Good luck. They have Kindercare all over Nebraska.
yes, evrywhere
they should be it makes it easier for the staff.
I dont believe so and I lived in three different states. All the highschools had daycares and one of my classes was to work in the daycare and kids peed on themselves numerous of times. The only thing that the daycares I worked at was to bring extra clothes just in case...they...doo doo or pee on themselve.
i guess it would depend on the daycare.but im maine daycares take kids as early as 6 weeks.and just to say i don't think that its fair to say that they should be cause then parents can't work and we all know it takes two parents working now a days to support kids
My daughter took 2 years of preschool and is now in Kindergarten. She was potty trained to the point that she still needed a pullup to sleep, but they broke her of that the 2nd day. But there was some kids that weren't potty trained at all and were still in diapers.
It totally depends on the age. I am pretty sure it is 3. My son is 4, and he's been potty trained since 2.5, so i haven't really had to worry, but as far as prek... you mean like vpk? my son goes to vpk, and they said he did have to be fully potty trained, prek is more of a school than daycare.
They are supposed to be, but 'accidents' are a fact of life in preschools and aren't a problem if they are infrequent. Our school had a supply of clean underwear in case a parent hadn't supplied us with any. But we didn't wash soiled clothes. They went home in a baggie. No, I'm not in Nebraska.
The question is preschool attendance NOT daycare. Your child needs to be able to take care of all their bathroom needs including cleaning after a bowel movement. The preschool teachers are there to teach academics not personal hygiene. Even at our park district preschool and its programs they insist the child be potty trained.
most places do require it
Not in my state, not in Head Start. Of course, we prefer that they are, but they usually catch right on because most of the kids are potty trained already. Nothing like having a group of your peers around you asking to go use the potty on a regular basis to get a kid going!
It depends on how they are licensed. If they are licensed to change diapers, then no. If they're license requires them to be potty trained, then there is no way around it. Good luck.
yes . unless he is going in to a special education. where they will help you with potty training children. I will be better . And keep the focus in other things rather than changing diapers.

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