How do you test to see if a toddler is a genius?

Question:my son is almost 3 and he knows colors, shapes, ABC's, 123s, he knows the names to the trains in his Thomas the tank engine collection (he has like 20), he know basic sign language and he also knows how to spell his name. we talk all the time now and he communicates his needs clearly. ... sometimes i think he is a genius but i dunno...

I read to him and we study flashcards all the time. He has been watching Baby Einstein since he was 4 months.

Should I start teaching him simple math?

Your son will learn math best through his play and everyday activities. You do not need to "teach" him math. For preschoolers, concepts like same/different, more/less, sorting, matching, etc. are more important. If he has the patience for it, get some simple board games like Chutes and Ladders or CandyLand.

You might want to do little projects with him. If he's interested in dinosaurs, go to the library and get books, go to the museum, draw dinosaurs, build a dinosaur model together, whatever you can think of! Think of expanding his knowledge horizontally rather than vertically.

Is he a genius? Who knows?! Often children may appear to be way ahead of peers at an early age, but his peers will catch up in K or gr 1. That's why you can't really say that preschoolers are gifted or not - many are just precocious. IQ tests at this age also are not necessarily indicative of later giftedness. Play with him, enjoy him, encourage his interests and help him learn about the world around him.
You don't need to test him for IQ. Just let him be himself. Read to him, play with him, sing and dance with him, and let him grow and develop at his own pace. It sounds like you are doing a wonderful job, with all the reading and games that you play. Just keep it up, and enjoy watching him grow and develop. "Genius" or "gifted" are just labels and they don't really mean a whole lot. What really counts is parents who interact with their children and encourage them to grow and learn at their own pace, whether that pace is fast or slow.
so does my brother..he knows every single trains name,abcs,123, everything...every car vogswagon,, and mustangs.i dont think hes genious
My son also knew those exact same things before he turned 3 years old. He's also obsessed with Thomas and took sign language classes as a baby. Our boys sound like long lost twins :-)

You can try to teach your son simple math if you'd like. But at this age, it's nice to build good character traits as well, like sharing, kindness, politeness, etc. IQ Tests are best administered when the child is about 6 years old.

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