Have a 6-year-old son who loves to play with some?

Question:have a 6-year-old son who loves to play with some kids in the neighborhood 8-year-old boy and7year-old boy). They all fight constantly and cannot agree on what to play, who is on what team, etc. and it drives me crazy!

how bb they are boys
Sounds normal for a group of boys that age. They're going to argue like that, they are feeling out what it's like to be aggressive and manly, don't worry they'll get over it soon. Maybe you could talk with the other mother's and the 3 of you could get together with your son's and work something out that way ...good luck, but remember boys will be boys = )
It is normal and if they are not overly large and overly agressive let them sort it out
Hi lovepets, Boys -will be boys , they start competing from an early age- its normal. love Jo xx
.ah.I can just about smell the testosterone in the air.

A group of Alpha males jousting about. That's what boys do. They don't hold grudges over it. They don't even remember it for long. I had a fight with my best friend and next day we just acted as if nothing happened and continued on.
boys do tend to argue. I do this with my nieces and my daughter it may work. Whoever yard they are in is the one who gets to pick. and then they take turns in each others yard
as for teams try pick straws or numbers (odd and even)
and then five minutes later they are all best friends...right?
They are little kids, find a way for them to get along, say, ROCK PAPER SCISSORS! That's a perfect way! If they disagree on something, they should play rock paper scissors, its basically a game of anonymous choosing, if two win at once then those two will go together, and the winner will pick a game. It's not fair for teams though, because if those boys are in a group of 3, they shouldn't play team games that requires four people to play. The best way for teams is for it should be even, or not to be played.

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