Potty Training Questions?

Question:I have a three year old who we just potty trained about a month ago (he became successful about then) we just put him in preschool, and now he is having accidents left and right! I dont know where to go from here! I need help!

My son was fully (occasional accident) daytime trained in June and started preschool last week. He's also 3 years old.

I make him go before we leave the house.
As soon as we get to the school, I make him go again.
I also remind him about 20 times per day that he has to use the potty in school and he can tell his teachers if he needs to go.

The teachers also have potty breaks scheduled every 2 hours or so. So he goes at home at 8:45am. Then he goes when school starts at 9:20am. Then the teacher has the whole class go at 10:15am. Then the teacher has the whole class go at 12:00pm. Then I pick him up at 1:15pm and he goes again.

If your son isn't going on his own, you can ask the teacher to make sure he at least tries every hour or so. Teachers would much rather remind the kids to go than have to worry about accidents.
check out the bathroom at the school, make sure it is clean, go inside with him make sure he feels safe.

He also could be nervous, when I potty trained, I used a potty in the living room, where I usually spend most of my time, and one in the bathroom, could be out of sight out of mind.
It could be a big change to him. The potty training then preschool, too much at one time. Relax, it happens to most kids. Same as if you had another baby after successfully potty training the first, he could lapse back. Have you tried asking him why the accidents keep happening? You'd be surprised, he might tell you why. Stay calm and don't point fingers or blame him or call him bad, he may be confused about some things.
Reassure him that it is OK to let the teacher know when he has to potty and he needs to know when he first get the urge to go, go right then don't wait until he can no longer hold it in. Speak to the instructor and let them know he was successful at potty training at home and you want to encourage him in continuing to be successful.
Some children don't want to stop playing to use the bathroom.
It could be about control--in this I mean that there are a lot of things that a young child doesn't have control over, but he has control over using the bathroom or not using the bathroom.
The same thing happened to me so I know that this can be frustrating and embarassing, especially if you assured the preschool that yes, he is fully potty trained!

If you think about it from your son's perspective, he has a lot to deal with right now. The sensory input from his new environment is going to take some getting use to and cues from his brain to go to potty are probably struggling to get a hearing.

I was fortunate in that the pre-school were good about it and just asked me to pack more changes of clothes and got into the habit of taking him every 30 minutes or so. It all settled down eventually and he reverted back to where he had been. I hope your preschool is being as understanding!

Hang in there, it will all click again soon.


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