I was looking for a website that I can print out work sheets for 3 and 4 year olds ?

Question:I also need some ideas for a happy birthday bulletin board. I hope there is a webite that I can print some things from because I can not draw..Please help someone I work at a daycare and I am trying to get some materials for my 3 and 4 year old children

worksheets for preschoolers ?? that is so yesterday! preschoolers learn best of they learn through play. Leave worksheets in writing area, or even the home center. if the kids want to do them, that's OK. they are still too young for paper drills. their eye coordination has not developed yet for worksheets.
http://www.earlychildhoodnews.com/... has great lesson ideas
A couple of preschool age worksheet sites:



As for the birthday thing...

Can you cut shapes and such? These are a few ideas I found:

-Make an apple tree out of construction paper.
-Make however many apples you need, according to number of children.
-Make enough worms for how many children you have, too.
-Write the child's name and birthday on the worm.
-Arrange the board as if the worms are eating the apples.

Taken from the link below. You can also just google, "happy birthday bulletin board," and you'll get soooo many ideas! :D

This is an amazing website operated by a real mom! Great coloring pages! Hope it helps.
children of this age "SHOULD NOT" be doing worksheets...they are not ready for this aspect of school as of yet ...they do not have the attention span, coordination(to use pen/pencil etc), and should be spending their time doing things like reading/being read to, playing with blocks and other manipulatives, playing outside, riding on bikes, or play cars or playground equipment.check out your paperwork from your local, state and federal organization NAEYC --National Association for the Education of Young Children----look for the flyer "Childs work is PLAY".for more information
Children this age should not be doing worksheets or coloring pages. Coloring pages are not open-ended, creative or give the child the chance to use their imagination. Children at this age learn from doing. You may have to explain to parents that they won't be seeing worksheet or such. Parents sometimes relate worksheets to having concrete evidence that their child is learning. Children at 3 do not have the hand muscles to use a pencil, instead have them make shapes in sand or shaving cream. If it's not something fun I wouldn't bother doing it.
Have you tried ,NICKJR.COM, has alot of things that you can do with children that age. They have alot of great educational games and pictures and recreational thing too that you might find to of intrest. Also try PBSKIDS.ORGthey also have learning stuff for kids .

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