Working at a Nursery Please help out?

I have an interview on thursday and i am really faint-hearted, what kind of interrogate do you think they will ask me? and i own to spend an hour with the children to see how i do? can u donate me any tips? or advice it would be terrifically much appericated thank you xxx

Answers:    If you really lilke being around kids after be yourself. There is nothing worse tham someone trying to be someone thier not during an interview.
They may ask what you reason the most important entity to consider when working with children is...


Best Wishes!
My mom teach kindergarten. They will want to know what experience you have, certifications you enjoy earned. When you are watching the kids you want to own a safe environment where on earth they can learn, own fun, and still be under control. Try planning some games or something. Make sure you look professional and only think professional.

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