What do I have to major in to become a preschool teacher?

Question:I have recently decided to change my major and become a preschool teacher, do I have to major in early childhood education or can I choose any major?

Early Childhood Education
You won't need to change your major, but you need to check with your university about what is required to enroll in their teaching certificate program - it is much easier to get your certification while you are already in college rather than doing it later (even if it takes another semester). Through their program there will be standard courses that are required, and you should also consider additional electives that would be helpful as well (child psych, behavioral psych, etc.).

This is a great question, and it hits close to home since my wife has recently found herself in a similar situation.

Good luck!
In most states you don't have to obtain a degree. Check the Internet for your specific state guidelines.
To be a preschool teacher you don't really need major on anything, the schools accept CDA-Child Development Associate, which is a 5 months course with classes every saturday for 6 hours. It costs around $600.00 but with this diploma you'll be making more money anyway and it is respected among the schools. I got one...
An Associates in Preschool Education is a good idea, or if you can do it, get Elementary Education with Early Childhood and get both certifications. It will make you very marketable. Pre-K for 4 year olds is very big right now and they want teachers with both El Ed and Early Childhood certification for that.
It dpends some States wil take any major. But it is best if you major in Early Childhood Education.
You have to Major in Child Development.
The College you would be going to their classes the names would be different.

Introduction to Child Development
Early childhood Education
Communcation in the Preschool
The Preschool Child
First aid And CPR ( A must)
Health and Safety for Children
Home-Child-Community Relations
Child abuse education
Infant and Toddler Caregiver:Relationships
Infant and Toddler Caregiver: Socialization and Emotional Development
Developmental Psychology
Practicum 1,2,3
These are the classes you would have to take to become a Preschool Teacher.
3 to 6 units would be for a Teachers Aid and for a Qualified Teacher you would need 12 units or more. My Degree is Social and Behavorial Science and I have it in 4 areas.
these are the areas they are in.

Social Worker Aid
Marrage and Family
I can use these and work with Children in all these areas.
I have been teaching for 20 years with Infants to School age Children and I have a 2 year Degree.

Social and Behavorial Science
I know of a person that has a Liberal Arts Degree and she worked with children and she started off working with infants.
these are the Degrees that I know of that a person can work with children.
If you have a Degree you will make more money and also if you have the units.
I hope this will help.
While I agree with the first answerer ("patience"), it is generally beneficial to specify a major in Early Childhood Education if you would like to stay in the field as a preschool teacher. What made you change your mind? You may want to check out what being a preschool teacher is all about before you commit to a change in your major. Many people get into preschool teaching because they think it will be simple. Perhaps it would be a good idea to volunteer in a center (perhaps the one on your campus) to get a good idea of what preschoolers are like before committing to a change. Learning about preschoolers, and working with them, are two entirely different things! So much more is learned on the job than from a book (but the book stuff is very important also). In order to make much pay as a career preschool professional, you have to have the units behind you, as well as the on-the-job experience. A degree in ECE will help you gain the upper hand as far as education goes, which will boost your pay more than years of experience. Typically, preschool teachers are highly underpaid for the job they do... ranging from the very low ($5/hr) to a more typical ($7-10/hr) depending on where you live. The more education you have behind you, the better pay. You can also choose to major in Psychology, which can be very helpful if you plan on getting a master's in ECE. Social/Behavioral Science is also another good choice for the preschool field. But choosing something like Art or English Lit as a major will not help you go far in ECE, so choose carefully depending on what your ultimate goals are. Good luck!

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