How was your kindergartner's/ preschoolers first day of public school?

Question:How was your kindergartner's/ preschoolers first day (few days) of school? I am in Tulsa, OK and my son was never away from me his first 4 years of life. I was worried when he went to pre-k at 4.5 yrs of age. But, he loved it, was not worried, and ended up being the smartest kid in class by far. Today was his first day of kindergarten at the same school. He was unhappy when I picked him up, and said he did not like it. He was really looking forward to going back to school. Hopefully it gets better. I want to know if your kid's first few days have sucked, are okay, or good. I hate the fact I have to have my son in a public school, but I do. I wonder how it is around the rest of the U.S. Thanks

both my kids had wonderful first days it is normally harder for us moms
It was scarry for me though i dont rememebr much of it but I still didnt like it. I still have blurry images of an angry teacher with a temper and a mean looking cane under her arm,,,
My daughter walked away from me without a backward glance and barely even acknowledged me when I cam to pick her up! She's very independent. My son let go hesitantly and then was disappointed when I came to get him. He was very happy to be active with so many other little boys.
Do you really have to send him to school. Can't you homeschool? I know even single parents that work that homeschool.

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