My 15 yr old wont unplug anything?

Question:i am really conserned,we have a 3yr and 5yr old girls.the curling iron is plugged in all day on weekends...after school she comes in and pluggs it back in,leaves it on next to the sink,dryer to... her dad or i unplug them when she leaves.(we remind her , but she will insist she already did) we have tried talking to her.but she feelslike we are picking on her and cry's. is there a web site that shows what can happen,and what the death rate to accadental eletricution?and the fire hazzard? i love my daughter and i'm trying to find away to say Wake Up.i am thinking of e-mailing pic's to her...

take her an e.r. and see if you can set up a time to talk to an e.r. docter abut the things they see do to this.
in the mean time you may have to take the danger items away and tell her she is not allowed to have them untill she can be grown up enugh to use them properly. and do not give in just because she cries. she will do this to make you feel bad enugh to give up your grounds.
A crying teen is better then a dead toddler
Your daughter is trying to be the "3rd adult" in your home, and it's time that you reassert your authority. If you want her to "wake up," then first give her a warning that the next time you find the curling iron plugged in, you will unplug it and throw it away. When you do find it plugged in again after that warning, and you will find it plugged in again, throw it away for good -- do not get it out the garbage when she has her tantrum. Make your daughter buy a new one for herself (curling irons are only $10). She will gain a new appreciation for responsibility, I assure you, and it will not happen again.

Pics will not make a difference because she is only thinking about herself. Action that directly affects her is the only solution.

Good luck.
I advise against the web site thing, she obviously isn't intentionally leaving it plugged in and she'll just feel like she's being picked on if you go online and give her pictures and stats to prove you're right. I understand where she's coming from because I had the same problem, my mind was so wrapped up in grades and friends and work and pleasing my parents while still trying to look nice in order to avoid being picked on, that little things (which are major problems) slipped my mind.

Just keep reminding her before she leaves the house "make sure the curler is put away" or say something like "your sisters love your hair and I'm scared their going to try and mimic you, please make sure the dryer and culer are put away" she'll eventually get sick of the reminders and wish to prove you wrong, thus the problem will be fixed.
Every time she does it throw it out and make her buy another herself. Repeat until she gets it. I agree with the other commenter that teenagers don't get shock value. Unless it happens directly to them it could never happen to them, know what I mean? It is a simple issue which makes me wonder why it's so difficult for her??
As the other post have said the best thing to do would be to take away the curling iron when she doesn't unplug it, after awhile she will get the picture. Even more so if you get rid of it for good and make her buy another one (with her own money of course). It will make her mad and upset but she will also get tried of having to buy curling irons over and over again and start paying more attention to unplugging them.

Sending her websites and pictures about fire hazards and death rates won't do a thing and she will most likely just view them as "oh this won't happen to me".
I agree. Give her one more chance and tell her after that you are gonna throw it away and see that she goes to school without curling her hair. Maybe that will teach her to unplug it the next time she has one. make her buy her own. I would be very firm about this. You are the adult here and need to take charge. She knows she can continue to get away with it by you two unplugging it for her.
Hi, My daughter did the same thing, she is 11. I first tried discussing the safety reasons for leaving things plugged in. Then I tried constant reminders... The only thing that actually worked,... I HID THE CURRLING IRON and her STRAIGHTNER. for 1 week. She cried, threw a fit threw stuff pitched a fit again. but I got my point across. She NEVER left it plugged in again. It has been one year. She turned 12 just a few days ago She Left it plugged in and This time I turned the AIR CONDITIONER off... AND HID HER Straightner. IT IS HOT here in Ohio right now, she did not like it one bit and pitched a fit. After one day I let her have it and said next time the Electiric get turned off no matter how cold or hot it gets...
I thing it will be a long time before she forgets again! what do you think?
You are the adult and it is your job to protect the little kids. If she cannot remember to turn off the curling iron take it away from her until she can remember. I'm sure at her age having such young siblings is a pain in the neck and she could probably benefit from a little extra 1:1 time with you but the bottom line has to be the safety of the younger kids.
she probably feels the babies have overtaken i have a friend who at the age of 34 admitted that when she was 14 and was presented with a new baby sister she was consumed with jealousy but would never have admitted at the time so you must make doubly sure you make time for her at the same time you must keep the babies safe take fuses out of her electrical items and refuse them back that day next time she leaves them on do the same again you will be surprised how quickly she learns

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