Preschool screening?

Question:Does anyone know what exactly happens when you take your child in for his/her preschool screening. My son who is 2 1/2 is going in September to his preschool screening. Do they take them aside? What exactly do they go over? Just curious?

Check with your program to find out what they do. In our program, we have a series of fun little games that we play with each child individually. This is done without the parent immediately present because we find we get more accurate results that way because the child is not distracted. Results are shared with the parent, and there are usually other things like paper work for the parent to do while the child is screened. If you are curious about the nature of the games (tests), I'm sure your program would be happy to show you what is used and what the results mean. This is very different from the testing done with older children. It is only used to determine the child's level of development to aid us in planning lessons and activities that will best benefit the child.
You should ask them your question about screening.
There are lots of different screeners out there. They probably just want to be sure he's ready to go. You could ask if they use a specific assessment or just do this informally.

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