Can you give attention to of the term of this preschool study philosophy?

My four year old's preschool is "learning through play" focused, beside no attention to printing letters or erudition to read. The main model is, the children do directed play at centers, and the centers are fine-motor skills, pretend play, housekeeping, puzzles, painting/playdough, trucks and cars, etc.

Some of the parents are complaining that their son or daughter is not going to be ready for kindergarten. My thoughts are, explicitly the way kindergarten used to be. Now adjectives the poor babies have to be reading and writing BEFORE they run to kindergarten?
What is the name of this philosophy? I want to research it on the net or library.

Answers:    It's not a particular curriculum,but programs that use this approach usually embrace the teachings of Jean Piaget. One curriculum that follows this is High Scope, another is the Creative Curriculum. A biddable program that follows this approach gives kids access to lots of reading and writing materials and encourage any interest the child has within those things and also uses teachable moments to reinforce Early Literacy concepts. There are lots of labels, the children are offered opportunity to see their words in writing and in that are many opportunity to read and be read to. Programs such as this also understand that it is easier for children to write if they own first had lots of likelihood to develop eye-hand coordination through play, and easier for them to learn to read if they enjoy worked with materials such as puzzles to develop ocular memory, learned lots of nursery rhymes to develop listen and rhyming skills, and have developed a great vocabulary because they hold had diverse experiences.
Congratulations for not giving in to the really dire trend to turn preschool into boot camp and kindergarten into a pressure cooker. Your child will probably arrive at kindergarten fanatical to learn unknown things , having a great vocabulary,and knowing how to behave as a branch of the group.

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