Preschool teaching?

Question:i just started teaching preschool children. i'm a 34 yr old male living in the Czech Republic teaching young Czech children English. any suggestions for activities i can give them?

You could teach theamed words each week. Such as fun foods week and bring in some snacks if y ou are allowed. Making cards that have the words on them would help kids a little older, but if the kids can't read yet this may not apply. Preschoolers love action so do action things that get them moving around the room in an orderly way. The kids are probably just recognizing words for color and such right now, so teach them both languages for word recognition. Hope some of this helps.
it depends, but most pre schools offers teaching while playing. you need to be equiped with many songs, action songs, visual aides, and music. 4 years old can start with the simple abc's or the 123' can take it slowly, just to be sure to associate this to pictures. story telling is very effective, basic colors and arts too, and motor skills.before they will hold a pen or pencil...
Many naturalistic teaching activities involve teaching language during favorite or fun routines. For example if you are playing with toys you interrupt their play but putting your hand on the toy and the child has to label the toy or say what he is doing before he can continue playing. When the child says something like, "it's a truck" you expand on whatever they said to add more language, "That's right, it's a big red truck". Next time you require them to add red or big or an additional descriptor to their language. Another easy activity is during snack or an art project where the children have to request the food or given supplies to an activity to complete their project or get their snack. If you have students who are struggling you ask them last what they want or need so they see the model of the other students asking for the scissors, glue or cracker so when it is their turn they can repeat the previous model. Good luck and have fun!

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