1st and 2nd grade education?

Question:i want to become a 1st or 2nd grade teacher. what type of degree do i need I know it's in early childhood education but do I need an Associates a B.A. or a masters and do i need to get certified

In my state, (Indiana) in order to teach 1st or 2nd grade it is NOT an early childhood education degree but an actually Elementary education degree, which is a B.A. and a full 4 years of courses and micro/student teaching. The early childhood education degree comes in more with preschool and kindergarten. After graduating (or as you approach graduation) you have to get licensed in your state which may require a test. I hope this helps!
B.A. will usually get you well on the way toward if you earn your degree in the state where you want to teach, but the certification process itself is separate, since teachers might get their degree in one state and teach in another. Each state has different guidelines in the cert process.

You don't need certification if you want to be a sub, but it is required for a full-time position. And it usually comes with higher pay, as does earning a Masters in your field.

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