Any advice for a 6th grade girl going into middle school?

Question:I need to know cuz I'm going and it seems so scary by what you see on TV.I kno TV means nothing but still i need advice.what crown should you hang out in and stuff.Pleaz do not tell me just to be myself..well actually i don't care but myself is weird.Thanks 4 helping bi!

Well I'm going to 7th grade too!
So I'm not that sure but what I do know is this...
*I'm scared very much as well from what I read in books,watched on t.v & hear from other people but I'm positive.
*Don't hang with a crowd when I was in 6th grade last year I was popular & happy until they all turned against me.
*ALSO don't hang with a crowd because sure you might be cool & popular for 7th & 8th grade but when you get to High School you WILL NOT!
*Be friendly,happy & posotive!

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I hope things work out & maybe we can become friends on here?
have fun! try different things (not drugs!) and sport and activities so that you can truly see what u enjoy to do. hang out with the people that understand ur personality the most... those are the type of people that will never judge you and will always be there to help when u need them. but enjoy everything especially since u have nothing to truly worry about except your social life and school (school being first of course) Have fun and i wish you best in your six grade year!
Hi, I'm going into 7th grade
Some tips:
Dont try to be friendly with the older kids, they think thats weird
Dont smoke, you and your friends may think your cool but one way or another everyone will find out and know one will want to be with you.
Dont go into school thinking your popular and stuff cause you were at your last school. You have to work your way up the food chain.
Dont wear your hair messy, people will think your a slob.
Don't buy kids binders and suppleys...Bratz Barbie Raven Hannah Montana...sure people like Thats so Raven and Hannah Montana but they dont buy the products.
DO NOT be someone your not.
If you changed over summer fine, but if its dirastic like geek to prep overnight, then people will consider you a poser.
OH, Frog diesection was fun.
6th grade was pretty cool for me. You get to do a whole lot of new stuff like you get lockers and 7-8 different teachers (depending on your school). You don't get recess, which wasn't a big deal to anybody in my school. Here are a couple tips that I could think of:

1. DONT RUN TO YOUR CLASSES! There is no need for you to run at all unless you are extremely late. Running everywhere will just make you seem more like a franticky little 6th grader.

2. Don't act like your all that just because you're in middle school now. You really aren't any of that.

3. Don't smart off to the older kids, or try to say something to make you look smart or funny. You may be smart in your grade, but most of the older kids are smarter than you. And don't remind them of the rules or tell them not to be mean or anything, then they really get annoyed. Mostly, if you stay quiet around the older kids, occasionally talking about how you didn't like this teacher or something, then they will like you and take you under their wing.

4. Don't try to stand up to any of the older kids. There really aren't any bullies that take your lunch money or whatever, but some kids do like to use words to get to you. If someone is bothering you, don't try to act tough and stand up to them, go tell a teacher or write a statement in the dean's office.

5. Have fun and try not to get involved in a lot of drama. Trust me, theres a whole ton of drama in middle school, and if you steer clear of the drama queens, you'll be happy.

6. You're only like 12 years old. YOU DONT NEED TO START DATING YET. You may think you're mature enough, but you're really not. You have plenty of time in high school. Middle school "dating" is really just some kids who say they are going out, but really all they do is walk around, occasionally holding hands, but they never actually go on dates.

Well there you go, that's all the stuff I could think of that annoyed me about 6th graders last year. But that was just that particular 6th grade class, they usually aren't that terribly annoying. 7th graders will be ok with you, cuz they were you last year, but 8th graders seem to get more agitated about 6th graders, so just stay out of their hair. Have fun!

P.S. About the whole tv thing, the shows about middle + high school are really the complete opposite from real life because a bunch of old ppl direct and write those shows. They haven't been in school FOREVER! So don't pay attention to the tv version.

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