As parents,do you feel that NCLB has helped your children to become more successful in school?

NCLB was well-intentioned, but has not improved education for the most part. It HAS created a great deal of paperwork and uproar and put pressure on schools to met the criteria of the bill, but has not increased true learning among our nation's students. I believe that if we really want no child to be left behind, then the responsibility needs to be placed on parents to get their kids to school everyday and on time, to teach them good character, and to make sure homework is completed. We need to place responsibility on students to bring and care for supplies, complete all homework, participate in class, and give full effort to all class and home work. Then, we can hold teachers responsible for meaningful learning when we give them all the things necessary to their jobs! IF we really want our kids to do better in school, we need to set the example. We need to read to and be read to by our kids. We need to engage them in life skills at every teachable moment. Instead of blaming public schools, we need to examine ourselves.
Absolutly NOT!!
The entire curriculum has changed and the focus is no longer on the child but on the tests.
It has raised the level of anxiety for students and has completely crushed the promotion of creativity and individuality. We are raising idiots who can read, write, and ballance their checkbook.
If the U.S.A. wants to see great economic prosperity in the future, they need to promote the kind of education that will graduate students who can think for themselves and who are not afraid to be creative and explore new ideas.
I'm curious to see what other parents will say. It looks like the first two responses might be from other people in the education field (since they didn't talk about the specifics of their own children). Don't get me wrong, I agree with them, but I'd love to hear from parents as well. I have a feeling the students that NCLB HAS helped probably don't have parents who are hanging out in the Education section of Answers.
As a high school student, i dont feel that it really has. Its just created more paperwork for the teachers and more standardized tests for the students.

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