Anybody else struggling with the new Literacy/Numeracy Strategy?

Question:Hi - I am an NQT starting in September with a year 2 class. I have been looking at the new Framework and really struggling with how to organise it.
In the literacy do you teacher unit one from narrative, non-fiction and poetry in the Autumn term and unit 2 in Spring? Sorry if that is a silly question but i am so confused! I would be grateful of any plans or tips anyone would be wiling to share!

As an NQT, you should have senior staff at your school to turn to, what are they doing about planning? Probably drowning as much as you are.
I would only worry about the first two weeks of term. Easy way is to just stick to the plan as on the website for first term, do unit one. When you get to know the class, and have a chance to sit down with the Lit & Num leader in the school, perhaps start to think about whether to juggle units to fit in with broader topics. Hopefully, your school should have a whole-school curriculum plan. Good luck.
Great advice derbydolphin, you shouldn't have to do it all alone and it's not a sign of weakness to ask for assistance. If you got it wrong they would criticise you so it's better to ask for help than struggle and get it wrong. If you don't get many answers on here, go on the dfes standards website and try teacher's forums like the one on the TES website. I am a teacher but I haven't looked at it yet. Will do so next week. Sorry I can't be more help. Good Luck!

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