American grades.?

Question:in america, how do the year groups work at school. like in england year 7 is 11-12 year olds, and year 8 is 12-13 years.

All depending on you education level and how much you accomplish in one here these are the most probable American grades. Note** Students can skip a grade if they are advanced or be held back if they do bad.

Elementery or grade school
1st grade- 6/7 years
2nd grade- 7/8
3rd grade-8/9
4th grade-9/10
5th grade-11/12

Middle or Junior High School
6th grade-12/13
7th grade-13/14
8th grade-14/15

High School
9th grade-15/16
10th grade-16/17
11th grade-17/18
12th grade-19/20
Here, grade 7 is 12 to 13, and grade 8 is 13 to 14, and so forth. I guess we start later then you.
Its about the same.
ElementarySchool is Kindergarden(age -4 to 5yo) - 5 or 6(depends on district)
Junior High is: 6 or 7 - 8th
High School is: 9th-12th
Typically 5 yr olds begin Kindergarten if they turn 5 on or before Sept 30. However, Many parents choose to hold their children back if they are born in June, July, August or September; especially parents of boys. So, It is possible that if you are in 6th grade, you could be attending with 11 or 12 year olds. The goal is to graduate by 18 or shortly after turning 18 years old.
welll its 7 grade 12 to 13 and 8 grade is 13 to 14

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