American Schools?

Question:I'm just curious about the way American schools work. I'm doing a report for school so i wondered if you people could help me out. I'm from the UK and you probably know we have a different system over here. But basically i just wanted to know what are the age ranges of people in middle school?
What age are people in their Freshman year?
Oh and lastly, do people of the ages 15/16 (final year) have a name like sophomores and Freshmans do?
Anymore info would be great!
thanks! :)

Elementary schools (Most of the time Kindergarten is part of elementary school but it can be in a separate school):
1st grade: 6-7
2nd grade: 7-8
3rd grade: 8-9
4th grade: 9-10
5th grade: 10-11
Middle schools or junior high schools:
6th grade: 11-12
7th grade: 12-13
8th grade: 13-14
High schools or secondary schools or senior high schools: 9th grade: 14-15
10th grade: 15-16
11th grade: 16-17
12th grade: 17-18

And also in the US, students may repeat grades so they can be older than the typical ages. Students can also skip grades and therefore they can be younger. Students can stay in high school up to the age of 21. But most students graduate at the age of 18.

9th grade: Freshman
10th grade: Sophomore
11th grade: Junior
12th grade: Senior

Of course in the United States...elementary schools vary. It could be from K-6, K-8, K-5, etc. Middle schools is usually from 6-8...Junior high is usually from 7-8 or 7-9. And we also have intermediate schools, which varies too. They are usually from grades 4-6.

We don't have as many infant schools in the US compared to the UK. It is called Kindergarten instead.

American schools are confusing because they have so many names. For example, senior high schools, secondary schools, high schools, junior high schools, middle schools, intermediate schools, etc. We use all of them. Sometimes I get confused too. I don't even know what to call my high school. I don't even know if our school is considered a senior high school. Even though they are technically a senior high school, they don't even consider themselves one!
In middle school, kids are 11-14. It really depends on where the school is, though. Different school districts have different setups. In most places, middle school is 6th grade-8th grade.

Freshman (9th) in high school are usually 14. Sophomores (10th grade) are usually 15. Juniors (11th grade) are usually 16. Seniors (12th grade) are usually 17.

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