7th grade school supplies list??

mini stapler
college ruled paper
folders for each class you're taking
colored pencils
spirals for each class you're taking
bindes for each class you're taking
index cards
black, blue, red pens
Well, depends which school you go to. 7th grade this year in my scool, like i total was like $400 in total!
ok what you usually need is to get a big like 5-star binder..and get dividers and make a space for all of your subjects...it is very neet and doesnt make your backpack a mess.you should get a few highlighters,glue sticks,pens&pencils..basic things like that..and a few notebooks to take notes...notes and homework is the key to doing good in 7th(im 8th so i know these things!)
The list is to long to type out. Go to the school,and they will give you a copy. Mine is around 550.00.
yea, it depends on your school, or whatever your teachers want you to have for so they can teach the students properly with the required items.
you can also go to some stores and see that they have ready made supplies lists ( free ) on display for ppl to take altho, that is oly wat they think is what u need.
i am also goign to the 7th grade and i haven't gotten my list from school yet , but my friend bethany called today earlier and said hers came in the mail.
basically, u would need pencils, notebooks, binders, ( for each subject) , umm,... some erasers, a pencil sharpener, pencil case, highlighters, and loose leaf paper
good luck
A binder
Notebook paper
Notebook section dividers
A colored pencil set
A pencil pouch
A ruler
Spiral notebooks
Graph paper
Honey you will have to wait until the first day of school when every teacher will give you a list. I'd just take pencil and paper the first day. Everyone will want something different.
pens, pencils, paper, notebook, binders.depends on your classes
they should send you a list but if they don't just get a three ring binder, notebooks, paper, pencils, a calculator, and folders but if they don't send anything they'll tell you the first day of school.
It depends on your school and what classes youre taking.Like if you have Regular math,Adv. math,or Algebra Honors. Just call your school.Maybe theyll tell you. :]
When I was in 7th Grade, I needed stuff like:
notebook paper
colored pencils
binder/dividers w/ tabs

I don't know what they want for your school. But here in the Kanasas City MO Suburbs, that's what we needed!

Hope this helped!
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