Algebra 1 ?

Question:i am about to be in the 10th grade. i took algebra 1 in the 8th grade & geometry in the 9th. during 9th grade they made us take an algebra placement test to assure that we were ready to go to algebra 2. i failed it but they are letting me take the test over to still have a chance at being in algebra 2. i really suck at algebra so im not sure whether to take algebra 1 again or to go into algebra 2 not knowing algebra 1 thoroughly. i've always been in honors or advanced classes so i dont want colleges to think im stupid for going back to algebra 1 in my sophmore year. what should i do ?

Take Algebra 1 again. Yes, it sucks, but colleges would rather see you in a lower math class with an A than in a higher math class with a D.

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