AP testing without AP classes?

Question:My school doesn't offer AP French, since the classes are so small. We usually only have like 4 people in French 4, so the school doesn't have AP French class.

So can I still take an AP French TEST, if I study on my own? My friend speaks fluent French, so he can help me a lot. So is it possible? I really want to take the test so I can get the credit..

Yes, it's possible. You just have to register at the testing site (if it isn't your own school) as soon as you can, because students in an AP class usually get first "dibs" on the seats available.
yes, you can.
Yes. You can still take the AP test if your school doesn't offer a certain AP class...I did that with the AP world History test. Good luck!
Yes. Anyone can take an AP exam. The AP class just makes the exam a little easier (but does not guarantee you will pass). Ask your school why they do not replace the French 4 class with an AP French class. They should be covering the same content - and it shouldn't be any more expensive for them to offer it.

Good luck.

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