Are these school rules too strict concerning the School Uniforms?

Question:I go to a Catholic School, so the rules were already pretty strict. But now, they threw all these new rules at us that seem harsh:

The school uniform must be worn properly at all times while on school grounds and on the way to school (if you walk or take the bus). This includes before and after school. And by properly, the mean shirt tucked in, skirt knee length, shoes polished, and only one button undone.

Only the uniform sweater is allowed (as seen in photo). No other coats or hoodies are allowed.

The uniform must be worn to ALL school club activites, even on weekends!

Students helping out at a Sunday Mass must come in their school uniform

In order to receive the student discount (free) for after school sporting events, you must be wearing your school uniform. And if you do not wear it properly, you can get a detention.

And now, the nearby mall has been given the authority to give detentions to students not wearing their uniforms properly (they say we cause trouble)

School uniform rules are by their very NATURE "unfair." But they have nothing to do with fairness, and everything to do with conformity and discipline.

Very little that happens within the four walls of a school is fair.
If you really hate uniforms, then go to public schools.
The rules are not harsh at all! You are not in the public school system and must conform to the standards set by your school. I live in Chicago and went to Catholic schools from grade through high school and back then the rules were much more stringent. consider yourself lucky that corporal punishment is not allowed in any school system any more because when we had infractions to the dress code, we would be punished in a very humiliating and physical manner. The Dominican nuns at Epiphany grade school were real biatches and had no qualms whatsoever to kiss your a s s!The Jesuits at St. Ignatius College Prep. were even worse than the penguins in grade school! Not that I agree with the philosophy of Catholic education, but, since your there you might as well follow the rules or suffer the consequences!
I think that the school rules are too tough and strict. Aven I myself can't take it. And even the mall you have to wear school uniform properly,that's hard. I dont' agree much about the school rules.Too strict.
The only thing I would say is unfair, is not being able to wear a coat over your uniform on the way to or from school (if that's what you mean). Mornings can be quite cold sometimes.
As for having to wear them properly at the mall: Don't wear it there. Change before you go. Problem solved.
Your uniform represents your school, that's why the rules are so strict.
Rules exist for a reason. (No, not to be broken). When you get a job in the real world you will have to follow a dress code and dress appropriately.

The mall thing is going overboard. You aren't on school grounds, it isn't during school time, you aren't there for a school function. That is wrong. And the sporting events thing is a little overboard. Who wants to go to a football game in a skirt?
It doesn't matter what WE think. It's a private school, your parents are sending you there and you're stuck with it. My advice is to get over it, obey it and get on with the school year. It will be much easier in the long run!

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