Any suggestions private school..?

Question:i have a 4 yr. old and have been looking into what school he will attend for a while now. there is a very prestigious private school in the area, which i would give anthing to have him attend. of course my only chance will be through a scholarship... any information on giving him a better chance. what would make them choose one applicant over another ?

I don't really know what type of financial aid is available or the criteria by which it is awarded -- you might try a google search, if you haven't already done that. After reading the first two replies to your question, though, I think that it is admirable that you are concerned with your young son starting off at a good school, particularly since you know that the public schools in your area are deficient. For what it's worth, you might consider Montessori school. My son attended Montessori school for three years and I am very satisfied with having spent the extra money that I spent for him to go there.
why are you rushing your child to grow up?
why push him to be something he does not yet know he wants to be?
I am a student who attends a public school and i think that if a child has got 'it' - it will come out no matter what school.. So if he does not get the scholarship it would not be the end of the world!

However, if you are determined to get him into a private school, good luck!

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