Anyone who attends Pensacola Christian Academy?

Question:I was just wondering if there was anyone on Yahoo who attends Pensacola Christian Academy or College...I do the school through vides...going into grade 12...i really like it and would love to go there...i'm planning to go to PCC in 2 years. What's the school or college like? Have you ever been in a video class? who were your teachers??

i just graduated from my school this spring that did pcc videos. been in there since kindergarden. Good luck your senior year. English is not as easy as your junior year. More blah, blah, blahish. If you haven't taken economics, get ready for zzzz... time. Becuase i was under a lot of stress i fell asleep in every class. Besides those, it should be an easy year for you. P.S. don't delay on your gov. notebook. It wil kill ya. :)

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