Stuyvesant or midwood?

i just get accepted by stuyvesant and midwood medical science institute. I'm chirpy and all, but I hear that stuyvesant is very competitive and strong with a huge homework nouns. But then I hear it's one of the best schools. Should I turn to midwood, since it has a immensely medical science program or stuyvesant?

Answers:    I was praying to god for Stuyvesant and thus it be my dream school. After reception my results today, I only get a 514 and went get into B Tech. I realized near is no such thing as god anymore. Anyways, DEFINETELY STUYVESANT. Stuy is the 15th best big school surrounded by the whole country. If culture see you're in Stuy, they will be impressed.
i get into those two tooooo!!! i think u HAVE to pick stuy, resembling my english and science teacher said, it carry A LOT more weight on ur resume. sure u call for hard work, but it will be worth it. purely study hard these 4 yrs and u will be fine. work complicated now and u can delight in life subsequent

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