Any tips on surviving high school?

Question:I am going into high school in a matter of days...and I need help! I have a small fear of seniors!

Don't worry about it, just focus on your school work, and people really shouldn't bother you. Just try and stick around your good friends. :)
im going to be going into the 9th grade and im kind of worried about all the different teachers and all that but well get through it together DONT WRRY!
I am going and im not worried. All that stuff they show in movies is fake. Seniors-Jrs-or Sophmores dont do that because if your over 16 they can kick you out of school. So unless their real stupid they wont do anything. Besides being worried will never help probably just make it worse. Take some chill pills =)
Nothing to be scared of. If they treat you differently than other people (which is a BIG if) all they will do is call you a freshman, or ignore you.
I'm gonna be starting myself, all of the past seniors from the last few years have told me- just be yourself and don't like try to join a group (like jocks, preps etc). o yea and don't talk crap if you can't back it up.
High school is not like the movies. Or at least, not where I go. I've never experienced anyone picking on me for being new to the school (My school is 10-12).

A tip on surviving high school- just mind your own business. Don't spread rumors, don't get yourself into trouble and keep with a good group of people and you will be fine.
Seniors are nothing like what they are often portrayed. They don't go around giving swirlies and dropping you in trashcans or anything like that. I've actually found them really helpful. And if nothing else they'll most likely ignore you. The best thing you can do in high school is to join a club or a team. You will meet some great people and make some great friends, and hey some might even be seniors. Also extracurriculars don't just make high school more fun they also help when it comes time for college.

Do not give in to peer pressure. It will most likely be present and you will experience it at some point, but never do something you are uncomfortable with in order to fit in. People will respect your decision and it most likely won't come up again.

Stay focused on your schoolwork, after all that's why you're there, but also get involved so you can enjoy your 4 years, not just survive.
Don't worry about it. Be yourself, DO NOT put on an act.
Meet some friends, and choose them wisely. Choose real friends, that actually care about you.

Get to know the teachers. Know how they teach, quiz, and just be normal friends with them. Dont be afriad to say hello, even if you don't have them as a teacher. You'll be suprised on how much some of the teachers will have in common with you. Having a relationship with the teachers makes it alot easier. Also, give a good first impression!! Don't worry if you mess up here and there, but try not to, just be cool. You have a whole year to work on it, and then next year, you will have someone to go to for any kind of help.

Dont be afriad of Seniors! But at the same time, realize that your at the bottom of the food chain, lol. If they cut you in line, just let it be. That's cool, make it seem like you don't care at all. Your not angry, sad, or afriad.
Why not make a few senior friends? You don't have to be with them all the time, but know that they recognize you. For example, if a senior asks to borrow a dollar, give it to him/her. There not going to love you for it, but next time they see you, they'll recognize you and think "Hey, thats the kid that gave me a dollar". get what I mean.

It is going to be a different enviroment for you but just know that your ready for it. You'll get used to it. Just be kind, have respect and have confidence in yourself. Don't go all crazy if your having a hard time, it might take a while to adjust. Just go with the flow and take each day as it comes.

If you want to, a good idea would be to join a sport or club. You can meet people with the same intrest as you.

Good luck and HAVE FUN, it will go by very fast and Fresman year will be a great experience!
ya seniors are out to get u, make sure u make friends fast if u dont know anyone, and make sure u make good friends, because there is a LOT of drama in high school, trust me, im a junior and i have had way more than my fair share of drama
dont worry about it after the first day you will be completely used to it

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