11 yrs old daughter starting middle-school..what do I say in the BIRDS & BEES TALK?

Question:She is very much a little girl at heart; and she also has large breasts (D cup)..I am going to have a sit-down with her at a restaurant this week to talk with her about boys. Any helpful suggestions about what I can say to her?
This is a very serious question for me, and I appreciate all helpful input. thanks.

I agree. Keep the conversation light. Let her know that she can ALWAYS, ALWAYS come to you NO MATTER WHAT.

You might want to try to come up with some dangerous scenarios too. My sister and I have ALWAYS talked to our children honestly about sex. But, my sister didn't think that one day my niece would be in a situation (at 13) where a friend would help her get raped. Sad, but true.

I was attacked as a teen so I informed my daughter AND my son about possible situations that can be dangerous. I hope it never happens but at least they know the warning signs.

Never go ANYWHERE with a boy alone. ALWAYS group date (when the time is right) until you REALLY know someone. And even then, it's not 100% safe. But, your chances are better.

Give her the "if you loved me you would." talk.

Remember, this may not all happen in one setting, she might shy away from you at first. If she does, don't push it but let her know that the two of you WILL talk about it. And...if all else fails.enjoy your day together. She'll open up.
You should have been gradually introducing things to her over the years.

I don't think I would take her into public to talk about it though. You don't want to embarass her.
Just start talking and stop when you think she's done. Ask her if she wants to know anything specific. I have found it is easier if you just jump into it instead of trying to be too rehearsed.
chances are that she already knows about all that. but, just tell her to be careful with boys, and don't let them disrespect her. but, does it have to be at a restaurant?
Talk about everything she needs to know, but don't be really serious about it. If you take it too serious, she will be very uncomfortable. Unfortunately, we had our Science teacher give us the talk, and he was way too serious, so that made it extremely awkward. Kinda humor yourself and poke fun every once in a while, so that she's not completely embarassed to be talking about this with you. Try and start out the talk with some small talk, maybe ask her "any boys you like?" and then go a little deeper into the subject. But remember, be cool about it. If you're not, she will remember the talk as a very embarassing and uncomfortable moment in her life. I'm sure you will do fine. Good luck!
Well she does know about the birds and bees. Every kid over 10 does..

You dont really need to tell her everything, but as and when the opportunity comes, you could tell her the stuff..
i would talk to her in the comfort of ur own home, just be honest with her, you know what it's all about.
Start by asking her what she thinks the difference between boys and girls are and start from there. You may possibly be surprised at how much she may know which may make your job easier. The hardest part about talking about this is how to bring it up in a conversation and hopefully this might help breaking the ice.

Don't forget to reassure her that there is nothing to be embarrassed about when talking about these kind of things especially if you notice her getting uncomfortable. If it is too uncomfortable for her tell her that you can talk about it maybe in a day or so to give her time to think about what you have already said, and this way she doesn't feel pressured to talk about something embarrassing.
I always find that it is very important to be upfront and honest.Do not hold back and make sure to cover all the bases.My son is going into middle school this year and we have had the talk.You may want to start by asking her what she has heard about the subject and go from there.You will be amazed at how much they already know.Our job is to give them the correct information so they can protect themselves and make good decisions for themselves.Also,remind her how there are consequences(good and bad) for every choice she makes.Cover STD's and pregnancy.Do not make sex seem dirty or bad but something that is natural and wonderful at the right time.Make sure to encourage her that she can always talk to you because her health and well being are your top priority.You will be fine.

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