What to do something like an extremely concrete professor?

I have a unusual English teacher, and from what I've hear, he is one of the hardest ones. Im in category 12 so english is the most important course. With him, you cant capture past 80%. I'm worried. I'm used to getting 90%+. Please don't influence to try your best, I do that anyway. I love, and am really dedicated to English. And my friends, who are smarter than me, could not even find an average grade within his class. I can't switch to another class, so I don't know what to do. I want to stay and work hard, but what if your best isnt upright enough?

Answers:    Your friends may be smarter afterwards your but you work harder then them. Everyone have those the kinds of teacher they have to settlement with. You may not to achieve an 'A' but your learn better from a more strict coach. In college the instructor doest teach you, you school yourself. Keep this in mind contained by order to succeed contained by college and in enthusiasm.
Good Luck To You and Always DO Your Best
does he grade on a curve? Talk to you academy counselor about him. You could ask him what you could do to augment your grade

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