7th-12th grade team building games?

Question:Does anyone have any ideas on a game that allows a church youth group to do team building games. Something that requires everyone to work together and create a friendship barrierr. Thanks.

How about peanut butter river? Start with kids behind a line and place a line the whole team must cross. (These are the shores of the river.) Give the team 6 carpet squares (or anything handy). These are the rafts. The team may have one hand and two feet on a raft at a time. If a raft is left untouched on the river it "floats away in a few seconds". You take it and they have fewer rafts. If anyone touches the water, the team starts over with the remaining rafts not taken. There are several ways to solve the puzzle, but it takes everyone.
Idea 2: Have everyone join hands in a circle. Break one of the hand holds and place a hula hoop on one participants arm. Then rejoin their hands. The object is to work the hula hoop all the way around the circle without breaking a hand hold.
Idea 3: Have the group gather in a circle. Each person grabs two different people's hand like they are shaking it! These handshakes may twist during the game, but light contact should be maintained. Once all hands are joined, the object is to untie the knot.
Idea 4. Set out chairs in a circle (number of participants minus one.) Someone stands in the middle and says "I Like _________ if you like __________, stand up and switch chairs." Then if the "like" applies you stand and move to another chair in the circle. If you called out the like, you try to get in a chair too! One person will be left standing and they name the next "like". This will help them see likenesses.

If you can afford it, as a group, take a C.O.P.E. course field trip. (Low Ropes Course)
Good Luck!

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