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Question:Funny monkey and trying to get rid of it

I barley graduted from the 5th Grade and now the big Middle School, But at Elmentary School i was now as the big Funny Monkey and now going to Middle School. I really do not want that name any more!Plus my mom works there, shes a teacher there, and I do not want to be on her bad side, So I have to follow the rules, I want to be like Vannssae Hudgens in High School musicial just not as shy, But America please help me I NEED HELP BEFORE MY BEHIND GETS IT !

No more Funny Monkey!

Hi, its quite simple. Just follow the rules and start to be responsible. You need to do your homework, pay attention is class, and take notes. Study for tests instead of playing with your friends. I know its hard but what has helped me when I got off track in 7th grade was make a list of things I needed to do. Such as:

Always do your homework.
Take notes no matter what.
Study, study, study.

Things like that and then I stuck it in my planner. Your planner is the greatest thing you can own. Write everything and anything in there. You have no idea how many times that saved me. Also this may be hard to hear but if your friends influence you to misbehave then you might have to dump them. Friends should infulence you in a good way. Good luck!
be cool
I might not be in America, lol but all i can say is be your self.
Just get everyone aware of the fact that it bothers you and you don't like that nickname. Show them that you are confident and you've moved on. Show them that you do study, and keep on track.
Try not to slack, and be on teachers' good sides. Concentrate on Middleschool, and it's work and get all of your homework done. If you have extra times on your hands, then maybe join a club or a sport!!
If your going into middleschool, you shudn't worry what ppl call you. Just ignore them and go your own way. With no one to tease, they'll stop.
Good Luck!
That's really sad that you want to be like a fictional character in a lame movie.

Don't do that, I beg of you.
Be yourself. Middle school isn't that big of a deal, and you'll soon realize that within the next few weeks.
If someone calls you "Funny Monkey", and you don't like it, tell them to knock it off. If they don't, then that's considered harassment, and you could easily tell your teacher (in this case, your mother probably) or even the principal.

Act like you did in the elementary school. Hang out with your friends. I remember when I started 6th grade, for some reason, I left almost all my friends to be friends with someone else, and that was a really stupid choice I made.

Be YOURSELF. Not a stupid *** HSM character.
Hi, I'm going into middle school too , I hear is fun, but until I go back the 27th of August I won't know...when I was in the 4th grade on the first day... I DROPED EVERYTHING ON THE FLOOR.... so it started off horrible...5th grade I was new, I got into a fight with a boy... later on a romour went around, but it was my best year... But, I'm pretty positive that this year is going to be better cuz I have a pretty easy day one scheldule, homeroom, and P.E. to start wit, then the only problem is the school has three stories, and the numbers are messed up, I need to know where my home room is still..

Oh, and don't worry about your mom, she could help you... When I was in 4th grade my mom was a lunch lady, soo she helped me a lot around the school, and don't worry about your nickname if your mom asked just tell her that it was from last year.. It's better then being called by a boys last name all year, lol.... If you want to talk or some thing, you could e-mail me at
Hope you have a good year in middle school.

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