Algebra Honors?

Question:Is algrebra honors hard?I think its also called Algebra 1.Because last year in 7 grade i took Adv. math,so this year I would be Algebra Honors,I did pretty good last year in math,mainly A's and B's. So how hard would it be for me?

Honors classes, no matter if it's science or math honors, are just classes with extra material. You will be covering everything from Algebra 1 regular, in addition to having extra material and sometimes a couple more challenging problems. I took Algebra 1 Honors, Geometry Honors and just finished Algebra 2 Honors. So if you really concentrate, you should do fine. Don't back out just because of a challenge. I strongly suggest (seeing as you have As and Bs in math) that you try algebra 1 honors. And most importantly, if you ever have questions, ask the teacher or get a tutor. Algebra 1 is the foundation for geometry and algebra 2, so it's really important to understand the material!
I took it as a freshman, it wasn't very hard, and some of it is review. I got straight A's the entire year.

Algebra 1 (honors) is definately very tough material, but as long as you don't fall asleep in class, pay attention, do your homework, and keep up, (depending on your teacher) you can probably get the same A's and B's.

Good Luck!!
i didnt think it was that hard. just try to work hard to understand each new thing you learn. if you need help with something and you didnt understand it during class, go to the teacher during lunch or after school or something, as geeky as that sounds that could help you a lot.
I am also an 8th grader going into Algebra 1. I took pre algebra last year 2 and my teacher told me it's about the same. A little harder but pretty much the same curriculum. I just go to my teacher for help and came out with a B. In every other class I got an A or an A+.
i took it as a freshman and it wasnt that hard

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