Back To School Help!!?

Question:What are some good back to school tips? Organization, study skills. I really need to get good grades this year! help!!!

~Start with fresh supplies. Get a different color for every subject. Buy sturdy brands, they may be more expensive, but they'll last longer through the year so you don't have to run back to the store and get more.

~Keep your locker/desk/backpack clean... it'll make things a LOT easier.

~Study for a test a little every day instead of cramming last minute.

~Work really hard on projects... these count as a lot of your grade!

~Participate in class

~Pay attention

~Smile!! :)

~Save some time for fun and your social life, too! School isn't everything.
When you buy your school supplies have a specific color for each subject. buy plenty of basics like pens/pencils, markers and maybe even extra folders because they sometimes rip. Every week you should clean out your folders, notebooks, bag etc. put in fresh pencils and all that. dump out papers you dont need.
Keep your notes in a binder or in a notebook and always keep them they could help later when u study. also keep old homeworks like in a folder at home. you could refer to it later. Make flashcards if u get new vocab words to memorize
Always do you homework! dont put it off for the next day in some other class! if u have study halls use it to ur advantage do some homework then to get rid of it.
At home have a specific place to study. like a desk in your room with good lighting, plenty of supplies like pens, highlighters, stapler, dictionary, calculator so whenever you are studying u dont have to stop in the middle of a study session and look for everything, it will all be there. study in place where u have no distractions. if ur house is noisy then study at a library or school... or maybe put on headphones at home!
in your classes at school always pay attention and ask questions that majorly important. if u can sit up front if kids tease u for being a smarty pants or whatever just blame it for bad eyesight haha. your teachers are always willing to help so dont be afraid ask them for it. i had trouble with that last year. I NEVER asked the teacher for help.
u need to do well in school but a little fun is always great! go out and have fun you are only a kid once! your life doesnt have to be study study study!
here is what you can do meg
1.get a ancordan folder and lable each folder.
2.get a big gack pack
3.lisen to your teacher really hard. (do not day dream.)

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