At what age are children in England required to start school?

They start in the school year that they are 5. The date range this year starts at 28th August until near the end of August next year. My youngest daughter starts in 2 weeks. She's 4 at the moment but will be 5 in January. There is a girl starting with her that is 5 on the 3rd September but her best friend starting with her is not 5 until August 23rd next year, so she's only just had her 4th birthday. I think it varies from county to county. I have a friend in another county who's son has just turned 4 and he is not starting until January.
4 years old but they can go to nursery for 5 half days when they are 3.I think it is too young as they are still babies.
It's the academic year in which their 5th birthday falls.
So if for example you child is 4 on August 1st, then they'll need to start the following month (september).
The term before they are 5, Term time is normally September and January.
its compulsory once they turn 5
Education is compulsory at age five. I believe they have to be in school by the term after their fifth birthday. All primary schools have a September intake, and some also have a January intake for the younger children in that year. Most children, however, enter school when they're four these days. My son starts in September and he's only four and three months!
Normally it's the September BEFORE they are 5. But it really deppends on the school - my cousin's little girl started Full Time School when she was 3 (her birthday is in August, and a lot of her friends turned 4 earlier in the year so would have started school anyway in the September, the Headteacher did NOT want to feel left behind so took her early instead of making her join a year later with children she did NOT know very well).
On their fifth birthdays. far too young .
3 or 4
5 years of age

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