Any Tips to Surviving High School?

Question:School just started and i am a freshman now in high school, do u guyz have any tips about high school? the thingz u should do and the thingz u shouldn't do? Also maybe some tips about high school relationships. Plz and Thx!

ok...i just graduated so i can really help a ton. First of all, you are a freshman...remember that. upperclassmen for the most part dont care that you exist...just go with the flow to start. be nice to everyone, and theyll be nice to you. try to get involved in some sports/activities. DONT DRINK! just causes problems. high school relationships - dont go looking for one...theyre always pointless (almost always...)...just let things come as they will. and work hard in class - you dont want to have no chance to enter a good college...

good luck!
High School = aka ---> Holocuast

just like middle school only youre at a high level, just try to have fun, go to as many school games as possible, join some clubs so that you can look back and say 'hey i did this'. just have fun
its not like its hard. Freshman year is the most boring year in high school. i'm going into sophomore year. i guess it would depend on ur school, just stay out of trouble and dont piss anyone off. i dont know what type of person u r so i dont know if u would have problems or not. good luck fishy!
get to know everybody around you. you'll make a ton of new friends.
join some good clubs and things.
keep the grades up because college will come sooner than you think.
make good friends with the teachers because then they'll write you passes and let you come late to class and stuff.
DONT PROCRASTINANTE! and have fun...enjoy your life.make a ton of friends

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