Any advice on weird project?

Question:My teacher has given us a project where we have to teach the class for a day. Myself and three others have to teach absolute value functions. We have to create a powerpoint, notes, and a worksheet. We also have to walk around and help our classmates.

Im just worried because theres a huge difference between being able to understand something yourslef, and having to help someone else understand something.

I'm obviously not a teacher so I was just wondering if anyone has any advice on how to do this. Has anyone ever done this same thing before? Im sorry Im being so vague but I dont even know where to start with this one. Thank you!

I think the best thing to do is to talk about how you understood the lessons taught before. It doesn't necessarily mean that you have to walk "the walk" and talk "the talk". You could dress the part but just be your young self. Sometimes, the teacher becomes this knowledgeable being and that she acknowledges the fact that she may not be getting her lessons understood. One way for her to do an evaluation on her style & teaching skills is for you to be in her shoes and for you to "teach the class", so that she could evaluate if you along with the rest of the class understood all that she talked about. It works both ways. You develop your skill in public speaking, gain confidence and for her to improve herself. But please make sure that you study your lessons well so that your pupils would. Have your own style. Have music, rap, or whatever it is that you do best. Good luck!
first thing talk dont stand in one place and talk walk around ask them if they have any questions. move ur hands and stuff more like ur talking to a friend. dont say stuff that r impossible to understand talk slowly loudly and clearly. ask them if they hv any questons normally. if u make it clear and interesting they will enjoy it.
If you understand it, explain it step by step. You can have part of your powerpoint presentation be the step by step explanation. One slide can be the general rules, then the next few are step by step.
Make sure you're not skipping obvious steps, because some kids might not know.
Be patient when helping others and try your best.
Good luck.
I've done something like this.. I basically went online and looked up the chapter I had to do and found example problems. Teach it exactly how the example problems teach you. I did this a while ago though. Wish I had more info to help you. This should help somewhat? :)
My suggestion is that you keep your information as simple as possible, and use lots of large sized examples. Pretend you are teaching a class of seven year olds, and break the concept down into is simplest parts. Ask the students as you finish each element of your instruction if they have any questions. I believe that will help them understand more thoroughly. Furthermore, it will break up your presentation and make it more interesting to your audience. If you tend to get nervous, don’t forget, they are only seven years old! :)

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